a post

2015-12-24 23:35:53 by Powerage

jeez, it's been a while since i've been on newgrounds, so i'm making a post. it's gonna get kinda stream-of-conscious here, so please forgive me for that.

 I can't believe 2015 is almost over, and that Christmas is almost here. what a crazy year this has been!

my return to college (which I elaborate on here and here) is turning out very well so far. I managed a 4.0 this semester! I really really hope I can keep this up! I also mention in one of those links that I've been losing weight, well, I'm glad to say that I'm now down almost 60 pounds. I feel a lot better, but I really need to go clothes shopping soon, because my clothes are starting to look kinda baggy.

2015 has had it's ups and downs, but overall it's been a pretty good year for me. I'm pretty optimistic about 2016 and what it has in store for me.

anyway, that's it for now, hope everyone's having a good holiday season!