happenings and shit

2015-07-17 00:46:17 by Powerage

so what's been happening to me lately? oh, nothing much, just some big changes in my life.

I mentioned in Asandir's interview with me that I was aspiring to be a high school math teacher, and (at the time of the interview) I worked as a substitute teacher. Well, things aren't that great here in the state of Indiana when it comes to education, not to mention the fact that I've had a tough time trying to get hired on as a full-time teacher. I felt like something had to change. so, I've given up on that dream, and decided to go back to college. Back in April, I was re-admitted to my old college to pursue a second degree. This time, I'll be majoring in Computer Science, with a minor in Computer Engineering. I don't need to do gen-ed again (because I already have a degree), so I should be done in 3 years. I haven't yet decided if I'll go to grad school, or get a job in the field.

this also means that I'm no longer working as a substitute teacher. it was good while it lasted, but I felt like it was time for a change.

among other things, I've been working on losing weight, just doing the usual diet and exercise thing, with some help from an actual nutritionist that my regular doctor referred me to. I gave up pop entirely, (started drinking coffee for my caffene buzz), started watching what I eat, and exercising more. I'm down 13 pounds so far (I've been at this for about 7 weeks, and the CDC reccomends that losing weight at a rate of 1 to 2 pounds a week is the best way to go, so I'm doing good so far).

other than that, not a whole lot's been going on. i'm taking it day by day. and i'll stop now before this post gets too livejournaley (is livejournal even a thing anymore? I don't know, they faded away eons ago)

as far as my activity on here goes, eh.. i'll drop by every now and then, i don't know how active i'll be on here to be honest. but anyway, i'm done typing for now.

EDIT 7/17/2015: Had an appointment with my nutritionist earlier today, I've actually lost 19 pounds since I first saw him on May 29,  so I'm doing pretty well here!