2012-02-07 22:46:19 by Powerage

this new layout looks good! nice job admins!

EDIT: after browsing for a bit, i realized that i don't really care for the new level icons and i don't like the new auras either

plus, all the greasemonkey scripts i use for the BBS are broken now, bah. i had a greasemonkey script i cobbled together (from another greasemonkey script someone else already made, can't remember who made the one i used as a basis for what i did here at the moment) that highlighted the names of the users i liked in one color, gibbering morons in another color, and all of my accounts in another color in the "Users Online" list at the bottom of the list of topics. i quite liked using that one!

yeah, yeah, first world problems, i know.

ah well, i'll get over it. i'll probably update this post later with more of my impressions as time goes on, in the meantime, i better get around to making a new sig and readying a new profile pic/avatar.

but on a lighter note, i'm liking the new emotions. and still, my impression with the layout is mostly positive.